Colorbond Gate Assembly Guide

Before assembling the gate, you must dig the holes for the posts. Allow the following dimensions for the distance between the post centres. SINGLE GATES: Total width of gate (edge to edge of gate posts) + 20mm. DOUBLE GATES: Total width of gate (edge to edge of outside gate posts) + 30mm. For clay or firm earth you should allow a 600mm deep hole, for sand or loose fill, allow a 900mm deep hole.

gate assembly picture

Step 1

Place the posts (stiles with spigots), rails, infill sheets and caps onto the ground, ensuring that they are protected underneath so that the Colorbond finish is not damaged. If you are installing a double gate kit, ensure that the infill sheets are overlapped on one rib only.

Step 2

Place the top rail (no drain holes) over the top of the infill sheet/s gently to avoid any scratching to the Colorbond finish. Now place the bottom rails (with drain holes) over the bottom of the infill sheets.

Step 3

Place the caps on the top of each of the posts (stiles with spigots). Now slide the spigots which are fixed to the posts (stiles), into the top and bottom rails.

Step 4

Ensure that the posts are held firmly into place and then fix the fasteners provided. A fastener must be placed through the top rail and spigot and into the first and second rib of the infill sheets from each end of the sheeting. This must be repeated on the bottom rails.

Step 5

Now you can fit the hinges, drop bolt and latch with striker. The latch and striker are to be fitted as per the instructions provided within packaging. NOTE: Remove all of the drill shavings (swarf) from the gate and rails, as it will cause the material to rust if it is not removed. To clean down the gate, use household washing detergent and a soft cloth.


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